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Scuba Diving

Enjoy Scuba diving in Israel in the bay of Eilat, which is the northernmost point in the world where there are coral reefs. The bay is ideally located, isolated from the ocean and possesses an inimitable geological structure, thus creating optimal conditions for the development of unique and exotic populations of maritime wildlife and plants. Divers can also visit the Coral Beach Nature Preserve in the bay of Eilat, which includes a narrow strip of beach and sea that contains the only coral reef in Israel. Here snorkellers and divers can view a rich and colorful underwater world of fish residing in an even more chromatic coral reef. Witnessing this kaleidoscopic marine world while scuba diving in Israel is a rare wonder that you must not miss!

Scuba diving in Israel’s bay of Eilat precisely explains why The Red Sea is considered to be one of the most beautiful diving sites in the world.

Those interested can rent the gear from the various diving clubs that are scattered along the coast and offer diving courses and sponsor dives accompanied by a professional diver. Other recommended sites for scuba diving in Israel are Haifa, Akhziv, and Rosh ha-Nikra.

Courses range from a 1 day program to a full week course and longer.

Introduction dive: This is a one time experience for people from the age of 8 to 80 years old. Anyone can do it – all you need to do is go through a short briefing, and accompany an instructor for a short dive for a depth of up to 6 meters at one of the many local dive sites. The instructor operates all the scuba equipment and the diver only has to breathe and enjoy the underwater tour.

Discover scuba diving: This 1 day program is basically the first step in a diving course. Minimum age: 12 years old. The program includes one classroom session, one training session at a pool or very shallow confined water environment and an open water dive at one of the many dive sites.

Scuba diver course/ Open water diver course/ Advanced open water diver course: 3,5,7 day courses. Minimum age: 12 years old. This program includes knowledge development, confined water training and open water dives. The courses certify the divers for dives to 12/18 and 30 meters.

Divers who seek more advanced dive training will find it easily at one of the many dive centers in Eilat which train divers for all sorts of dive certificates including technical diving to a depth of up to 100 meters, and instructor courses. Eilat has a lot to offer to divers of all levels and experience. We hope you will choose it as your next holiday destination.

The favorites dive sites are:

The Japanese gardens: Situated close to the marine observatory the Japanese gardens have a beautiful drop off to more than 40 meters with lots of fish and corals. Dive site access by boat. A wreck lies at the deepest point of the drop off at about 50 meters.

The ‘‘Satil’’ wreck: A grate wreck, more than 30 meters long, standing on its bottom in a depth of 24 meters at the bottom up to 12 meters at its mast. The wreck is an old missile ship from the Israeli navy that was sunk in order to create one more dive site. The wreck was sunk in the year 1994; its 70 meters from shore with its bow directed to north.

The caves: Situated about 500 meters north of the border with Egypt, this magnificent reef offers a swim a very shallow depth of five meters. The so called caves are the home of hundreds of fish called sweepers which will swim very close to you as you pass from one side of the reef to the other.


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