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Israel is a wonderland

For adventure sportsman and sportswoman, Israel is a wonderland. Despite its small size, the land’s variety of geographical zones provides terrain for activities ranging from snow skiing to desert camel safaris. In fact, Israel is a leading provider and location for numerous types of adventure tours and sports, including authentic wilderness treks, magnificent Red Sea diving, and a wide range of rock-climbing and rappelling options.

The area of the Red Sea features breathtakingly beautiful coral reefs and an enchanting underwater world, featuring hundreds of varieties of fish and other marine life forms. It is a paradise for underwater photographers as water conditions for scuba divers are excellent all year round with water temperatures a constant 21-25 C°, with little or no currents and clear waters with an average of 20 – 30 meters visibility.

Some sports that you could practice in Israel:

Biking: Israel’s variety of landscapes seems tailor-made for great onor off-road biking. From the picturesque Golan Heights to the rugged Negev, the country’s mountain biking scene is both challenging and diverse. A large number of biking trails have been established throughout the country, and numerous biking clubs, professionals and equipment providers are more than happy to welcome and assist visitors.

Barrier Reef: One of the most beautiful world-known specialists and fans for their amazing variety of flora and marine fauna. oo Dolphinarium: here visitors can learn more about dolphins, can appreciate a small exposure, or even research station swim.

Boating: Though Israel has only three main water venues, the nation is aqua-loving and on weekends takes to the Galilee, Mediterranean and Red seas in yachts, motor-launches and water-scooters. The favorite amongst Israelis is wind-sailing on the Red Sea, a sport that has gained huge popularity over the past decade.

Camel tours: Israel’s desert camel tours are actually some of the best in the Middle East. The Negev desert region provides a more than perfect setting for such adventures, and the level of professionalism associated with camel tours and desert hospitality in Israel is second to none. This is a true, authentic Middle East adventure that should not be missed.

Hang-gliding & paragliding: The number of people taking to the air for the thrill of hang-gliding and paragliding has increased notably over the years, as men and women are enticed to launch themselves off of Israel’s numerous mountains and cliffs. On any given day one can see a number of paragliders drifting up and down the Tel Aviv coastal region.

Rafting / Kayaking: The famous Jordan River, scene of the Israelites entry into the Promised Land and Jesus’ baptism, may not be a particularly large watercourse, but Israelis have nonetheless turned it into a whitewater rafting and kayaking playground. From its tributaries in the foothills of Mount Hermon to where it flows into the Galilee, there are many options for inner-tubing, rafting and kayaking on the northern Jordan River.

Skydiving: While the skydiving options in Israel are few, for the truly brave taking advantage of one of them is an experience second-to-none. And you’d better believe that there are few comparable views of the Holy Land’s beautiful landscapes to be found.

Snow skiing: Yes, Israel even offers snow skiing! Though it is not the Alps, the experience of actually snow skiing in the Middle East, generally known as a desert region, is pretty surreal. Mt. Hermon in the northern Golan Heights is the one place in Israel to snow ski. Its modern ski resort offers lift service, equipment rental and activities for children. A number of surrounding Golan communities feature kibbutz hotels, cottages and guest houses for skiers.

Water skiing: Israel is a favorite summer vacation spot for many from around the world because of its long summer months and numerous beaches and water sports. Whether it be on the Sea of Galilee, the Mediterranean coast or the Red Sea, you’ll find an abundance of water sports providers for water skiing, jet-skiing, para-sailing and more.

Jeep tours: Perhaps the most sought after of all adventure sports in Israel are its jeep tours. Whether up in the mountains and hills of the Galilee and Golan, or down in the Judean and Negev wadis and ravines, these fourwheel drive tours rarely disappoint. A number of different jeep tours are available, from more restful sightseeing trips to fast-paced off-road adventures, to wild dune buggy excursions.

Rappelling / Climbing: Israel’s mutliple mountain ranges, dramatic cliff faces and rocky ravines provide plentiful opportunities for rappelling and rock climbing. The varying geological strata, from desert wadis to basalt cliffs provide a wide range of rappelling and climbing experiences and atmospheres. Experience a cool weather climb on the slopes of Mt. Hermon on one day, the next rappel from the great walls of the Ramon Crater under the scorching Negev sun. There are more than enough adrenaline-pumping options to satisfy the more daring among us.


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