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Dead Sea a gift of nature to your health

The Dead Sea is a unique geological phenomenon; lively mineralrich Dead Sea mud and water have been praised and appreciated over time. It is located in the lowest point on earth, more than 400 meters below sea level, and water 10 times saltier than the ocean, is recognized as a mini universe with its own microclimate. The Dead Sea is a closed lake, no water outlet, except for the phenomenon of evaporation. Over millions of years, the hot air dry and high evaporation rates have led to the formation of the world’s saltiest lake.

Some minerals as magnesium, calcium, bromine and potassium are found in the Dead Sea; the water of this sea is known for his quality and capacity to nourish the skin, easing rheumatic is comfort, activating the circulatory system and muscle relaxation. In compared with the waters of other seas, the Dead Sea water contains 32% of salts and minerals, which is why people can float without any problem.

The Dead Sea black mud is made of a homogeneous mixture of mineral and organic elements. The black mud id used to cover the body because it has properties that help eliminate muscle tension, improves circulation and calms rheumatic pains. As a cosmetic treatment, the clay stimulates circulation and keeps the level of skin hydration. It is rich in kaolin and silica, the Dead Sea Mud removes excess oil and impurities from the skin depth.

High levels of minerals give skin health by removing dead skin cells, acting as a rejuvenator of the skin, the properties of clay are also optimal for skin problems because it has a high concentration of minerals essential as magnesium, calcium, sodium, potassium, zinc, which added to the bath relaxes, soothes, nourishes, cleanses and refreshes the skin. These salts have been effective in eliminating muscle pain and stress.

Diseases treated successfully in the Dead Sea
Heart disease.
Hypertension and ischemic heart.
Orthopedic rehabilitation.
Skin diseases.
Respiratory Diseases
Pelotherapy: application of clay


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