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It is well known that the medicine in Israel is considered one of the most advanced in the world. Israeli hospitals have excellent facilities that can easily receive foreign patients. Israel is home of the most modern medical centers in the world where physicians and specialists in the country are known for their innovative spirit.

Cardiology: thoracic surgery, vascular surgery.
Endocrinology: diabetes, thyroid glands, hormones.
Eye Surgery: cataract, glaucoma and strabismus.
Gynecology: fertility treatments, fertilization in vitro.
General Surgery oo Hematology oo Neurology: Surgery on the skull over mirror neurological spinal surgery, neurosurgery stereotactic endovascular, surgical and functional.
Oncology: neurosurgery, cancer, radiology, chemotherapy
Organ Transplant
Orthopedic surgery
Plastic Surgery

Asia Tours acts as a central office and connects our customers around the world to meet their needs with the services we offer below:
Confidentiality of health records reviewed by experts to provide a detailed diagnosis treatments and medical centers with at least 2 alternatives.
Estimated prices for treatment.
Visa procedures and health insurance and accommodation Transport for patients and their companions. Designation of a person for all the needs of patients duringtheir stay in Israel.

Our staff speaks several languages, English, French, Italian, Spanish, German, Arabic, Romanian and several Scandinavian languages, for our customer could be well informed about all the details of the treatment. Other languages are available upon the person request.

Annex (on treatment)
First fill out the form with your details and place your information to contact you.
Asia Tours appoint a representative who will be with you throughout the treatment program.
The patient must send the latest medical information including: Medical records, diagnosis of his state of health.
he most recent analysis available of any (Blood tests, X-rays, etc) oo All medical information must be provided in English.

When we get your medical record:
The experts will make recommendations on the treatment plan required according to records (diagnosis) to send to the department Asian Medical Tours. Within 48 to 78 hours you will receive the recommended treatment plan or if it was not the case a response from us which will contain:

A detailed treatment plan: Alternative, from 2 (at least) relevant medical centers and / or medical specialists for treatment in Israel.
Medical Offers and pricing including cost estimates (which varies depending on the treatment and selected locations).
Suggesting a plan of travel, lodging and expenses related.

Note: the health plan and financial plan can change depending on the current medical examination performed in Israel.

Financing arrangements
Page links to Asia Tours and exchange of information without cost Receiving “treatment plan” for $ 700-1200 depending on the complexity and including consultation with specialists. The cost of treatment in Israel is calculated depending the case of client. The total or partial payment must be made before treatment. Paying for treatment is carried out in Israel and in advance. Asia Tours will be a moderator between the patient and the health center; You, also may have direct contact in certain situations. After all the necessary clarifications, Asia requires approval of a plan. We will sign an agreement between Asia and the patient with a summary of a comprehensive plan, and financial arrangements payment. A representative of Asia Tours is responsible for all necessary meetings with the elected representatives of the center, doctors and be in constant contact with doctors / centers health and also be familiar with the treatment and all the needs of the patient.

Plan a Visit
Asia provides (on request) a trip for you and your partner including sightseeing, transport, accommodation and costs. Upon approval of the plan you may visit, Asia Tours can make all the necessary arrangements.

Arrival in Israel
A representative of Asia Tours will meet you and your fellow at the airport and will help you with all the necessary formalities. The Asia representative will accompany you in your installation and the installation her partner (hotel accommodation, room, apartment, or rented house).

The representative of Asia Tours will take charge of transport: Tour medical visit, travel, or for shopping


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