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Israel by Bike

Welcome to Israel, a country full of history, spirituality, aromas and sensations. With green hills of Galilee and the plains Negev Desert, Israel has established rapidly as a destination for cyclists worldwide. Cycling in the footsteps of the Bible. The story of Jesus is closely linked to Galilee and hills of Jerusalem. Narrow paths, ideal for a walk on a bike, and go through Nazareth, Capernaum, Mount Tabor, through the same hills and valleys that Jesus and his disciples performed under the Roman Empire. Some highlights are still part of the landscape as well as of many people who attend them and places mentioned in the Bible, and too numerous to significant full bus.

Almost all the mountains, towns and routes are related to Jewish history, is therefore possible to follow the bike tracks Abraham, the twelve tribes of Bar Kohba, Maccabi… Almost all routes used can lead to the discovery of heredity the Jewish people. Bike ride on Mount Caramel, a walk in the footsteps of the Israelites in the desert, or a visit to the remains of the archaeological sites in the former synagogue and is very easy to mount bicycle and visit the national treasures of Israel.

The history of Israel is in the thousands of years is proof the rich past of this country for 6 000 years, successive empires, bequeathing cities, fortresses and temples for posterity. Roman aqueducts, ports of the cross Hellenic peoples… All these wonderful archaeological are within the scope of a bicycle that will steps left by the cross in Galilee, the search for ruins of the ancient biblical towns, fortresses and cities around Jerusalem, or explore the ancient cities. We can enjoy of the archeology, agriculture and the adventure that offer Israel for you.

Israel is known worldwide for his mastery of agriculture-related technologies, including desert agriculture. The traveler can enjoy cycling and walking through the fields, while familiarizing you with unique methods developed by Israeli farms.

Adventure Tour
The walks off the court in Israel, the Jerusalem hills or on the plains of Judea, for example, represent a unique experience outside the road. At Mount Caramel and Galilee, roads and trails have been specially adapted for bicycles to cross the mountains and valley between the villages and archaeological sites. Desert Negev is also ideal for cycling off road, and which is the ideal place to enjoy the rivers, hidden sources, dunes and craters.


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